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What is voluntary service?

European voluntary service (EVS) is an EU-program for anyone in the age of 18-30 that offers you a unique opportunity to live and work abroad for a short amount of weeks or up to one year. It’s an alternative educational experience that offers you a chance to develop your cultural skills while contributing to a project of your choice in another country. You’ll get your travel costs (up to a certain amount), food, accommodation and pocket money covered.

How is it all working?

EVS is a collaboration between three parties. First, it’s you – the volunteer.
The other one is an approved sending organisation. The sending organisation has the responsibility to get you started, to help you when you depart and when you return. The third is the European host-organisation in the country where you arrive and which has the accommodation, work- and language educational responsibilities. 

How long can I be away for?
As a volunteer with EVS, you can stay with your host organisation in the country of your choice for 2 – 12 months. There are also several short time-projects with a more limited time span, about 2 weeks – 2 months.

What can I work with?

There are several projects in a number of different areas to choose from. You can work in homeless shelters, with children or elderly, in building projects or restoring old houses, clean out rivers or participate in different theather, dance or art projects. All the projects available can be found in our database. Take your pick – you can find it by clicking the orange button to your right.

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