how to become a host organisation

Do you want to help a young person gain valuable international experience that you can benefit from in your own organisation? host a volunteer!

Why European Voluntary Service?
Taking the step into an international environment is rewarding. As a host organisation, you are creating alternative educational experiences and giving a young person the opportunity to grow with your guidance. The youth gets an intercultural experience, deriving from his or her personal qualifications, to gain from in the future – experience that the host organisation can benefit from as well.

Your responsibilities as a host organisation
The projects you offer should make it possible for the volunteer to work just shy of a regular workweek (about 35-38 hours, including language education). The projects can be in different genres and with different target audiences – what you offer is up to you. As a host organisation, you also have the actual responsibility for the volunteer starting with the arrival and you will also be responsible for housing, accommodation, travels connected to the projects, pocket money, language education and mentorship.

Who can receive volunteers?
Communal- and other organisations, congregations and unions with a non-profit approach can host as well as send volunteers from different countries. In Kalmar county we have several host organisations such as community youth centres, musical- or cultural centres, senior citizen care organisations, sport clubs and also a variety of communal service organisations.

Who can not receive volunteers?
Corporations and private individuals.

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what can kumulus
do for your organisation?

Kumulus is partner with the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. While they approve applications from sending- and hosting organisations and decides about funding, Kumulus is your coordinator in all matters concerning voluntary service. We make sure that your experience and your work will be as smooth and rewarding as possible.