how to become a sending organisation

for many young people, the wanderlust comes naturally. it's the getting started-part that might be tricky. a great sending organisation makes all the difference.

What is a sending organisation?
As a sending organisation you are helping the volunteer taking his or hers first step towards and exciting international experience. Together you are contacting different host countries and organisations suitable for the volunteer, as well as managing all the practical details with visas, tickets and assurances once the application has been approved. You are also responsible for educating the volunteer, to discuss the cultural differences and prepare for all matters practical once the volunteer is settled in the chosen country.

How do I become a sending organisation?
To become an approved sending organisation you have to fill out an application. To participate in the EVS-programme you and the host organisation only need to fill out one application together and you can decide amongst you which one of you will do so.

What happens once the volunteer has arrived?
Once the volunteer has arrived, the host organisation is responsible for his or her activities. However, the sending organisation still needs to keep in touch with the volunteer throughout the whole project and to check in once in a while to make sure the expectations and needs of the youth are being met.

What happens when the volunteer returns?
The sending organisation is to make sure a finishing report is being delivered to the Administration of youth and civil society. We also recommend that the sending organisation is responsible for helping the volunteer to share his or her experiences, perhaps by arranging seminars or inviting them to schools. 

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what can kumulus do for you and your organisation?

Kumulus is partner with the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. While they approve applications from sending- and hosting organisations and decides about funding, Kumulus is your coordinator in all matters concerning voluntary service. We make sure that your experience and your work will be as smooth and rewarding as possible.